Customized skis

Epic Run

cm 163 (96.66.80)
gr. 750/775 +/- pc.

Epic Tour

cm 167 (115.77.105)
gr. 1050/1100 +/- pc.

Epic One

cm 171 (120.84.110)
gr. 1250 +/- pc.

Special Mountanering Skis

We customize our skis with Exclusive System Even for small quantity. Ski Resorts, Rescue Groups, Hotel Groups, Teams Community. Same quality with exclusive ski.

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Carbon Cap

High technology for high performance.
The special carbon coating of our skis guarantees resistance to wear and minimizes friction.

Made in Italy

Venini Sport has a long time experience in winter sport equipment.
All your skis are Made in Italy and excellently designed.

Customized skis for world wide rescue team

We are proud to present a new concept destined for the professional and mountain rescue group.
This concept cover all specific need and to bring versatility as well quality and intensive use.
Very strong construction with unique materials,while still maintaining high quality performance.
We offer you the possibility to personalize the graphic of the skis with a minimum of quantity.

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