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Telaio in duro alluminio e nylon flessibile nella parte anteriore danno stabilità e facilità di avanzamento. Gli attacchi e I ramponi integrati nel telaio si adattano al terreno. Innovativo disegno della coda da dei benefici biomeccanici riducendo: gli sforzi muscolari delle ginocchia e delle anche.

Specifiche: Unisex Size: 24"/60.96cm,
Weight/Pair: 4.4lbs/2.0kg(24")
Load: Up to 82kg 28"/71.12cm
Weight/Pair: 4.6lbs/2.1kg(28")
Load: Up to 100kg

ACROSS SERIES: Aluminum frame with a flex plastic head composite construction integrates the stability of serrated traction rails with rotating axle system and flex of an elliptically formed nose, allowing the binding,crampon and frame to conform and articulate independently with terrain.


ALUMINUM FRAME: The ultra-durable 6000 series frame design optimizes flotation and stability in powder snow conditions.
CURVED TAIL: The innovative, upturned tail of the aluminum frame provides biomechanical benefits reducing muscular skeletal impact on hip, knee and ankle joints.

Eco-friendly PVC Soft Decking

Soft decking provides durable, lightweight flotation and smooth, soft texture.
Steel crampons: Aggressive, Confident Carbon Steel traction rails provide it with reliable grip in firm or icy conditions.
Swift strap: Rigid Swift strap s keep your heel aligned and accompany comfortable bindings for every outing.
Powdered Carbon Steel 15° Heel Lift: Designed to make steep ascents easier, the 15°heel lift reduces calf fatigue and Achilles tendon strain, it can be easily pulled up and down.

Rotating Axle System

The rotating Axle system design enables the tail of the snowshoes to drop, shedding snow and recusing cardio-respiratory strain and prevents over rotation.

Quick Pull Binding

An intuitive forefoot strap on the quick pull binding cinches easily and unlocks with one buckle push, the pivoting toe stop allow speedy adjustment and swift strap keep your heel aligned.